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A local Hot Spot for active Things to Do 

In the heart of Traverse City, on the shores of Clinch Park, Paddle TC sits, readying bikes, paddleboards and kayaks for your enjoyment. Paddle TC rents ‘people powered fun’ to encourage you to be outside, active and create lifelong memories as you enjoy the great expanse of Traverse City.


rentals & Tours available:

Kayak on Beach | Paddle TC
Jackson Kayak - Riviera Available for delivery
Length: 11 ft (Single), 14 ft (Double)
Capacity: 300 lbs. (Single), 500 lbs. (Double)
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Paddle TC | Paddleboard on lake
Bounce Available for delivery
Length: 11ft
Capacity: Max of 260 lbs
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Paddle TC | Electra Townie 2
Electra Townie & Cruiser Available for delivery
Length: 3-6 ft
Capacity: Up to 260 lbs
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Water Matt and Tube Rental | Paddle TC
Beach Yoga
Beach Yoga
Length: 1 Hour
Capacity: 4 - 20 People
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Beach Chair
Lounge Chair
Length: 7ft
Capacity: 1 person
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Things to Do in Traverse City

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