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Electra Townie & Cruiser
Available for delivery
Length: 3-6 ft
Capacity: Up to 260 lbs

Paddle TC has a basic outlook on life. Everything can always be better, more fun, cooler, awesomer. Paddle TC is in the memory making business. Always looking for the next place to ride, the next sunny day, the next adventure.

What could be better than cruising around downtown Traverse City on an Electra Townie or Cruiser from Paddle TC. These bikes set a new standard in comfort and control with an upright seating position that lets you see the world better and plant your feet flat on the ground whenever you want to stop.

Hop on your rental bike and head in either direction as you explore some of the TART Trail (over 60 miles of regional biking trails) that winds it’s way through downtown Traverse City and the surrounding area. Stop along the way to indulge in any of TC’s many restaurants, gift shops, breweries and art galleries. Loop around Boardman Lake, or hook up with the connecting trails that carve their way along lake shores, farmland and woodland offering up unparalleled vistas of vineyards, wineries and endless lake views. Soak up the culture of Traverse City while bypassing the vehicle congestion that sometimes befalls a hopping tourist area.

Paddle TC wants locals and tourists alike to get outside, be active, and take a break from their rapid-fire lifestyles to create some memories as they enjoy the super comfortable, well maintained bike rentals.

Inquire about Paddle TC’s multiple day rentals as well as the delivery options.

Rental includes:
Kayak Rental

It has been said that water living reigns supreme.  Whoever first uttered those words must have been sitting atop a kayak as there is no other vessel that makes you feel like you are part of the water as a kayak. Paddle TC has single and double kayaks available for your next water adventure.

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Paddle Board Rental

Have you tried it yet?  It’s fun!  It’s a total workout.  And, it’s all the rage!  We have the board that is right for you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced boarder.

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Don’t let fear of the unknown get in the way of creating your perfect vacation! Paddle TC is here to help. We have experts on hand for lessons (group or individual).  We also have the ability to set up tours.  We know the area, we know the equipment and would love to pass the knowledge on to you.

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Things to Do in Traverse City

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